What Our Dreams Can Mean

I love this post! Of course it made me think of my own experience with dreaming, which is great fun. I’m surprised to learn Suzanne doesn’t often dream of flying (or maybe she just doesn’t remember). I often have flying dreams, which often, like hers, involve fleeing. Sometimes my pursuers chase me simply because I can fly. Regardless, even when scary, flying dreams make me happy.

The Gloria Sirens

One of the most satisfying dreams I ever had was incredibly violent. I was a teenager in my dream, leading my friends through a maze-like neighborhood, while a group of bullies followed and harassed us. I tried passive resistance, but the bullies wouldn’t go away. Finally, I turned and confronted the leader of the bullies, a girl, like me, but larger, a mean girl Goliath to my scrawny David. I grabbed the bully’s head by the ears and scraped her face off on a nearby chain link fence. I scraped her face like I was grating cheese, and I woke up just as I was finished.

I felt so happy upon waking. Like I’d been a hero in real life, saving my people from bullies and ruffians. I hadn’t intended to scrape anyone’s face off in my dreams, but hey, maybe dream villains should think twice before they mess with…

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Poetry Chain Letter

Brief, wise, and uplifting–a B-12 shot for the soul, from Katie Riegel.

The Gloria Sirens

I’ve recently been the recipient of a handful of chain email plans, all with one idea: share quotes from poems that have been meaningful, inspiring, or comforting to you. The details of how many people are involved may differ, but the basic idea is the same. And I always, always refuse to join chain emails, because I know how often my friends complain of their overflowing inboxes and the sheer amount of minutiae they manage every single day. I don’t want to add to their sense of overwhelm, even to ask them to read something I loved.

But it seems to me indicative of the time we’re living in that these chains are going around. Many others have pointed out that people often turn to poetry in times of great distress: national or personal grief, upheaval, and uncertainty. And for me, at least, and most of my friends, we have…

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Everything Takes 12 Steps

The Gloria Sirens

I accomplished one thing this weekend. It took all weekend for me to fix three porch chairs. I attribute this to the phenomenon that all things require twelve steps.

Here are the twelve steps involved in the one thing I did this weekend:

  1. Admit the porch furniture is broken and in need. This was a challenging step because my porch is my favorite place in the whole world. Well, any porch really, is my favorite place in the whole world. So sitting on my own back porch hunched to the working side of the chair for a good two months was definitely denial. I didn’t want to know the truth. I’d already admitted I was helpless to put the furniture together a year ago. It’s the kind of furniture, as all furniture is now, that comes in a box. I tried to put it together. I invited friends over and…

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4 Shows to Watch When You’re Depressed – The Gloria Sirens

First I thought of the title of this post, because when I’m depressed, I find myself binge-watching shows on streaming tv. Then I listed the shows I wanted to talk about, and realized immediately t…

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