Brief, wise, and uplifting–a B-12 shot for the soul, from Katie Riegel.

The Gloria Sirens

I’ve recently been the recipient of a handful of chain email plans, all with one idea: share quotes from poems that have been meaningful, inspiring, or comforting to you. The details of how many people are involved may differ, but the basic idea is the same. And I always, always refuse to join chain emails, because I know how often my friends complain of their overflowing inboxes and the sheer amount of minutiae they manage every single day. I don’t want to add to their sense of overwhelm, even to ask them to read something I loved.

But it seems to me indicative of the time we’re living in that these chains are going around. Many others have pointed out that people often turn to poetry in times of great distress: national or personal grief, upheaval, and uncertainty. And for me, at least, and most of my friends, we have…

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