8 thoughts on “About Lisa”

  1. Jordan Rodnizki said:

    Many of my friends have had the pleasure of having you as their teacher for IB English classes. I go to Countryside, but after reading your “About Me” and “Project: Shattered Silence” posts (so cerebral, so casually witty, so tasty), a part of me wishes I could have had you as a literary mentor throughout high school. On my end, I’m headed off to UPenn next year (a Philadelphia newbie!) where I plan to study English and Theatre. Here’s to Pinellas County schoolteachers who make the most of their intellect. A toast to you.

    • Jordan, thank you for the generous praise! It makes me wish I had you in my class (so appreciative, so effusive, so clever!). You’ll be in Philly studying English and Theatre? What a cool combo. I trust I’ll be seeing you on stage before long. Don’t forget us schoolteachers when you’re famous!!

  2. John Sibio said:

    I read your book “Body Sharers” and I really enjoyed it very much. Do you have another book that you recommend that you think I would like. You are a very talented writer. I enjoy your creativity and vision that you pour into your writings.
    Love you….Johnny Sibio

  3. Doreen Demario said:

    I plan on following your page, thank you 🙂

  4. Thought we’d bring a reward to your day, we’ve nominated you for The Lighthouse Award, details and badge can be found at : http://decidinglybob.wordpress.com/2014/01/05/bobs-diary-the-lighthouse-award/

  5. brooklyn37 said:

    Coucou Lisa, une amoureuse de la nature et des animaux…Et super cool ces photos avec tes chiens !
    Bisous de France

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